Dress the part, men’s style movie poster!

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

These posters, designed by Moxy Creative and illustrated by James Alexander Mathers and Andrew Lau, highlight a classic fashion item ( especially from men’s wardrobe) referring to ten different movies. Really fun and stylish, I’d hire them for my next (imaginary) film! My favourite is the Waal Street one, what’s yours? ( you can find the complete series here)

via Black Eiffel


Love is in the air!

November 5, 2010 § 7 Comments

Claire is a French street artist and she’s invading Paris street corners with her lovers!

First pics of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

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This is one of the first pictures of Michelle Williams playing the Hollywood legend in “My week with Marilyn” the Simon Curtis-directed film that tells the story and the behind-the-scenes of what happened during the making of  The Prince And The Showgirl, which starred Marilyn and Laurence Olivier.

I approve the choice and I like the style of this first images. I’ll wait for  the movie!

The Pallets-Office

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Over in Amsterdam, MOST Architecture has taken pallets and packed them into a completely customized office space for the Dutch branding agency BrandBase.

Design and creativity meet sustainability: Euro-pallets seem to be a highly available resource “in nature” and plenty of architects are trying to re-use them in architecture. Only a few can use the well. This is a vry good example!

Via DomusWeb

Bollywood Rules – Robot the film

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Robot is a Bollywood production with Rajnikanth (?) and Aishwarya Rai directed by Shankar that came out last week end in India.

It looks like the Indian version of I Robot with Will Smith (2004)…but with crazy dancing-and-singing robots!

P.S. Crazy Bollywood website here! ;-)

Kristamas Klousch (and David Sylvian’s Sleepwalkers)

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Some of the selfportarits  by Kristamas Klousch have been used for David Sylvian’s new album “Sleepwalkers”.

Kristamas is a young Canadian artist, whose work focuses mainly in self introspection and representation, through selfportraits. Her extreme, dark and provocking images, that remind sometime to  Francesca Woodman’s ones, perfectly fit with the scenery described by David Sylvian in his latest issue. (in fact one of the best thing he does is choosing great collaborations….)

This video can speak for me:

More on her website

Gilda meets architecture: my visit to the Venice Architecture Biennale

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have to say I’m not such a great expert about architecture, but … I had the chance to visit the preview of the Architecture Biennale – open until November, 21st.

The exhibition, People meet in Architecture (http://www.labiennale.org), is directed by the Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima ( she’s the first woman curating the architecture Biennale), has really excited me.

Usually an architecture exhibition is quite boring, you find a lot of projects, videos, models etc..refering to real buildings or projects to be realized in the future.

Instead, Sejima’s exhibition presents mainly concepts, ideas, installations that reflects about the future and the sense of architecture nowadays, without stating anything, only suggesting.

Here is the top ten of the projects I’ve seen…

Balancing Act by Anton Garcìa Abril

Your split second house by Olafur Eliasson

Wim Wender’s video for SANAA’s Rolex Learning Centre

“The Cloud” by Transsolar

Forty Part Mottet by Janet Cardiff

Kazuyo Sejima’s project

Atelier Bow Wow

Andrés Jaque

A part of the Chinese Pavillion

Me, going around with the Serbian Pavillion ( a sort of mobile garden that meets people…)


Me, going around with the

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